Research and development project “Project 2m +”

As part of the research and development project “Project 2m +”, the Company set the goal to develop modern technology for manufacturing various elements of dunnages with the length of more than 2000 mm, with very high precision and the low tolerance value for longitudinal deviation.

In the production of a suitably long detail, it was necessary to adapt its construction in such a way that the thermal contraction of the plastic composite material (PU) would not take on values ​​greater than the permissible ones, resulting from the tolerance imposed by the standards.

In addition, the insert inside the dunnage performs several very important functions:

– stiffens and strengthens the structure,

– prevents excessive thermal cramps,

– increases the range of attachment options in the container.

The team of the Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences from Gdańsk under the supervision of prof. dr hab. engineer Janusz Badur, have been invited to the cooperation.

As the result of research, in 2017 the innovative algorithm was developed based on the modeled detail of the considerable length over 2000mm, with the element in the form of an insert, strengthening the structure.

In order to reproduce the complete technological process, the mathematical model of production was developed upon the example of the existing detail coming from one of the orders made for one of the DAM-ROB’s main contractors – as a reference application.

As part of the project, the analysis of the production process were carried out for many variants of insert selection (including its material).

In the summary, recommendations were prepared for designing the framework with inserts, the molds and the production process itself.


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