The Design Office

Our design office consists of the team of constructors and production technologists with the long term experience and appropriate education. Thanks to that, they are able to meet even the most difficult requirements of our clients.

The knowledge we have gained while developing hundreds of projects, allows us to create the ideal container, starting from the initial concept, through the prototype, to large-scale production.

The client is most important, and while designing, we look to the future. Therefore, each project is carefully analyzed in terms of optimizing the container’s production costs and its subsequent use, ensuring safety for the users and for the parts transported inside. The solutions that we offer always aim to reduce the costs incurred with the implementation and use of our products.

The close cooperation between technical and production departments that supervise the whole process of container production, ensures the achievement of the customers’ required quality and terms during the entire product life cycle.

Used tools:

How a specialized container is created

Stages of the project development process

special purpose containers, produced yearly

designs yearly – the design office potential

containers controlled with FARO devices

Case studies

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